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Blueberry-Ginger Crunchy Clusters

July 21, 2011

If the posts on my blog are any indication I should be blueberried out by now.  But there are just some foods that I find it hard to tire of.  Unsurprisingly, cheese is one.  I’ve been known to gorge myself on a giant plate of fancy cheese (like umm… last night) only to crave a goey […]

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Strawberry Mustard Crusted Tofu with Balsamic Strawberries

May 3, 2011

One of the weird side effects of blogging and avidly reading others’ blogs is that I often find myself with a strong case of produce-induced jealousy.  It usually follows the same storyline.  Another blogger – usually in a climate that is currently much sunnier and warmer than mine – posts a recipe or a photo […]

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Chocolate Walnut Bread Pudding and Random, Random Thoughts

February 28, 2011

Maybe it’s my introspective nature.  Maybe it’s the fact I’m good blogger.  Or perhaps (most likely) it is some combination of the two.  But the fact of the matter is I spend a lot of time thinking about food – about the role it plays in my life, my likes and dislikes, and especially lately, […]

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Meatless Monday: Honey Mustard Cashew & Tofu Pasta Salad

November 1, 2010

I always strive to bring balance to every aspect of my life whether it’s in thinking about how I approach my career or in how to build flavor in a dish.  Unfortunately, in reality it doesn’t always work out that way.  Lately things have been a bit chaotic in the work department.  A quick turnaround […]

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Two Varieties of Crispy Crunchies

June 22, 2010

There are some people in the culinary world that I consider to be geniuses.  They are the kind of people that prompt me to think about food in a new way or who recipe after recipe turn out dishes that never cease to inspire me and make me seem like a much better cook or […]

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Pasta with Goat Cheese, Orange Confit, and Thyme

April 7, 2010

I love drawing inspiration for new dishes from restaurants.  If I’m not jotting down notes in my pocket-sized pink Moleskine journal, or stealing menus (with permission) for reference later, then I’m still trying my hardest to remember the flavor combinations I’ve enjoyed. The latter was the case two weeks ago when I had tapas and […]

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Meatless Monday: Pistachio Pesto

June 30, 2009

Yesterday was yet another fun day at the Government Center Farmer’s Market.  This week’s CSA share continued on the excitement of last week and contained a jar of orange marmalade, quart of strawberries, head of lettuce, 1 1/2 pounds of broccoli, 1 large bunch of green onions, 1 large bunch of basil, and 1/2 pound […]

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