Tropical Crispy Crunchies

Adapted from Making Artisan Chocolates
Yields 35 pieces


-9 ounces white chocolate, tempered
-3/4 ounce cocoa butter, tempered
-5 ounces macadamia nuts, toasted andfinely chopped
-3 3/4 ounces cashews, toasted andfinely chopped 
-2 1/2 ounces flattened bananas, finely chopped
-1 ounce dried coconut
-3/4 ounce Rice Krispies


In a bowl, combine the tempered white chocolate and tempered cocoa butter until well incorporated. Set aside. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Fold into the chocolate mixture. Using a small ice cream scoop or pair of tablespoons, drop scoops of the mixture onto parchment paper. Allow to set up for 20 minutes and serve or store in an airtight plastic container.

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